5 Awesome Timeline Promotion Ideas

Improve your Facebook marketing with these cool tactics!
Improve your Facebook marketing with these cool tactics!

Have you hosted a Timeline promotion yet? If not, this post will help you get inspired to run one soon! The information comes from ShortStack, my absolute favourite Facebook app company who I use for all my client’s Facebook apps. :-)

As most Facebook marketers know by now, Facebook recently announced changes to their promotion guidelines. According to their August 27, 2013 update, promotions and contests can now be hosted on a Page’s Timeline. This is exciting news for Page admins who want to host simple, low-fuss Facebook promotions.

ShortStack liked this new change so much that they created a tool that helps you run Timeline promotions more efficiently – it’s called the Comment/Like Importer.

In a nutshell, the Comment/Like Import allows you to easily import all the data you receive from your Timeline promotion (i.e., Likes, comments, comment Likes and photo comments that appear within a post) into the ShortStack database for you to organize and then randomly select winners.

To learn more about ShortStack’s newest feature, SIGNUP FREE HERE to read their post and watch a video tutorial on how it works.

Soon after they released our new Comment/Like Importer tool to our users, they also shared a blog post titled 5 Awesome Timeline Contest Ideas. They received lots of good feedback from their blog readers about it, so they decided to do a second installment of the article.

So without further ado, here are Five MORE Awesome Timeline Promotion Ideas:

Timeline Promotion Idea #1:
“The comment with the most likes wins” promotion

Since August, we’ve made a few pretty significant updates (per the suggestions of our rad users!) to our Comment/Like Importer tool. One suggestion came from a user named Alison who posted a comment on our blog asking if there was a way to record the number of likes on a comment. Our awesome developers have now made this possible with the Comment/ Like importer.

(P.S. If you ever have any suggestions or feature requests for us, shoot us a tweet or direct message on Twitter or visit our Make Us Better app on Facebook! We appreciate hearing your thoughts and often add user-requested features to the platform.)

Host a Timeline promotion asking users to comment on your post for a chance to win a prize from your business. Within the rules of your promotion, state that the comment with the most likes, i.e., votes, wins!

This kind of Timeline promotion is great for virality as it encourages people to reach out to their Facebook friends for votes. Thus, spreading the reach of your promotion to users who are not yet familiar with your brand.

Timeline Promotion Idea #2:
Photo-voting contest

This Timeline promotion idea is a lot like the previous idea we just talked about. The difference? Instead of encouraging text comments, ask for photo comments.

Facebook allows users to comment on a post with a photo. This feature is awesome for brands that want to host a really simple photo-voting contest on the Timeline, allowing them to collect valuable user generated content (UGC).

UGC (like photos) are great because they can be shared later on Facebook to feature fans in posts or they can be shared on your business’s other social profiles like Pinterest. Photos submitted by your fans can also give your business really useful insight into who your fans are.

For businesses that will get lots of entries, use the Comment/Like Importer to import all photos entries into a database to save and use for later. Once in the database, you can also easily select the contest winner(s) with the most likes on their photo.

Timeline Promotion Idea #3:
Video-voting contest

When a user comments on a post with a video URL, the video appears and can be played within the comments feed on the Timeline. To host a Timeline video-voting contest, ask users to comment on your post with a link to their videos. For example, if you’re a restaurant, have users share video tutorials of their favorite holiday dishes and then ask your fans to vote on their favorites.

Hosting a video-voting promotion on the Timeline is fun because entries are easy to look through and play back in the comments feed. Choosing a winner is simple, too. The winner of your Timeline promotion could be fan-selected according to the video comment with the most likes. Or the winner could be chosen by your brand, according to which video entry you thought was best.

Note: When you export the data from your video-voting Timeline promotion using the Comment/Like Importer, the video URLs will be exported to the ShortStack database — not the video itself.

Timeline Promotion Idea #4:
Crowdsourcing promotion

Another one of the Comment/Like Importer’s new features is the “Allow Multiple Entries per User” which lets users submit multiple entries on a Timeline promotion post via multiple comments and a like on the post.

For example, if a user posts two comments and likes your Timeline promotion post, when you import your promotion data into the Comment/Like importer, that entrant will receive a total of three entries (one entry per comment posted and an entry for liking the post) increases their chances of winning. You can also choose a weight for how much each interaction (like or comment) is worth (I’ll give more details about this later on).

If your business wants fast feedback from users, host a Timeline promotion that gets users to comment for a chance to win. This kind of Timeline promotion doubles as a great crowdsourcing tool!

For instance, you could ask users to leave a comment with their favorite thing about the fall season and get lots of quick engagement. You could also learn something valuable from your fans that could benefit your company by asking something like, “What’s your favorite fall product of ours and why?”  If there are multiple of the same kind of comments, use that insight to determine which products you should promote or feature most during your fall campaigns.

Timeline Promotion Idea #5:
Incentivized-interaction promotion

If you want to drive lots of interaction on your Timeline promotion, host a promotion which incentivizes and rewards users who want to go the extra mile to engage with your brand.

With the Comment/Like Importer’s “Awards Extra Points/Votes” feature you can enter a custom number of points to assign to likes and comments. For example, if you say liking a post is worth 5 points and commenting is worth 10 points, a user who likes the post and comments twice would have 25 points. This allows you to reward users who interact with your brand the most more chances to win!

If you check the “Import Comment Likes as Votes” box the like count for a comment will be added to any bonus points.

Test an incentivized weighted-interaction promotion on the Timeline this holiday season. If you’re a clothing company, for instance, you could post a status update with a video of your fall look book and ask users to like or comment on the post with their thoughts for a chance to win. This is a great way to get feedback and create a little bit of hype before your products officially go on sale.

All five of these Timeline promotion ideas are excellent for engagement. But keep in mind, if you want to collect valuable information (like email addresses and user demographics) from your promotion entrants, you’ll want to use an app.

Another thing to remember: It’s best to have a game plan for how you’re going to combat cheating prior to hosting your Timeline promotion.

With Timeline promotions, it’s fairly easy for people to cheat by either creating fake profiles or by sourcing cheap services like Fiverr to help an entry get more likes. Especially for businesses offering a significant prize, it’s best to consider an app to host your promotion, as it makes it really simple to detect contest fraud.

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