Which Web Browser Is The Fastest In 2014?

These days most people have little time to spare online, and if you can save wasting time with slow response, your web browsing experience can be improved greatly.

If you’ve been getting frustrated with the speed of your browser lately — especially if you’ve been using MS Internet Explorer for years — then maybe it’s time to upgrade to the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.

It’s completely free and feature-rich, making your online browsing a much more enjoyable experience. Not only that, but the latest version 29.0 is proven to be the fastest of all time.

Now Mozilla Firefox V29.0 is faster than ever. Click the image above to see why.

I administer several support desks, and over the years, I’ve found that many of the problems experienced by users are usually applicable to MSIE. It appears to run slowly, and continually has weird and wonderful bugs that truly boggle the mind. In comparison, using both web browsers, I always come back to Firefox simply for its reliability… And that’s what you need when you’re working or playing online.

To try out the latest version yourself, you can download it from Mozilla Firefox. As a ‘high-volume web user’ that has many tabs open at once, I highly recommend it!


Author: EvieB

Eva Browne-Paterson lives on Keswick Island, 32kms off the coast of Mackay, Queensland, Australia, and provides personalised mobile marketing services to local businesses that want to attract more new customers. Read more about EvieB here >>