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Eva Browne-Paterson lives on Keswick Island, 32kms off the coast of Mackay, Queensland, Australia, and provides personalised mobile marketing services to local businesses that want to attract more new customers. Read more about EvieB here >>

BuzzBundle: A Second-To-None Social Media Management Platform

In this day and age, social media provides benefits to practically any kind of business. No matter what your business is about, having a well thought out strategy of tactics to use in your SMM campaign will get you where you want to be quicker and easier. Not to mention these benefits:
  • Raise the awareness of your product and brand on the Web.
  • Improve customer engagement.
  • Increase your site conversion rate and boost your profits.
BuzzBundle is a top-notch SMM platform that takes your social media management to the next level. This high-end SMM application helps you easily manage a massive amount of social media accounts, … Continue Reading ››

How To Drive Organic Posts Back To Your Website

Recently I came across a nifty service that has a powerful back end for marketers that I thought worthwhile sharing with you. It's called Sniply, and while it is similar to some of the old fashioned link cloakers, it goes above and beyond the norm by allowing you to brand the Sniply bar or form and point web browsers back to your website. This is an exciting program that I'm loving, and I'll explain exactly why below. What is Sniply? Sniply drives organic traffic to your website by allowing you to embed messages into every page you share. It’s … Continue Reading ››

Does Colour Psychology Affect Your Marketing?

Take a moment to think about the world’s most established brands and ask yourself what they all have in common. If you answered “a great brand identity” or “an iconic company logo,” the good news is you’re half right.

What makes a brand immediately recognizable in today’s age is color – and it can say a lot about company, according to this psychology of color infographic. Additionally, it affects the way potential customers react to marketing materials and whether or not they connect with the message.

Scroll down to discover more about the psychology of colour and … Continue Reading ››

Which Web Browser Is The Fastest In 2014?

These days most people have little time to spare online, and if you can save wasting time with slow response, your web browsing experience can be improved greatly. If you've been getting frustrated with the speed of your browser lately -- especially if you've been using MS Internet Explorer for years -- then maybe it's time to upgrade to the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. It's completely free and feature-rich, making your online browsing a much more enjoyable experience. Not only that, but the latest version 29.0 is proven to be the fastest of all time. Continue Reading ››

5 Awesome Timeline Promotion Ideas

Improve your Facebook marketing with these cool tactics!
Improve your Facebook marketing with these cool tactics!
Have you hosted a Timeline promotion yet? If not, this post will help you get inspired to run one soon! The information comes from ShortStack, my absolute favourite Facebook app company who I use for all my client's Facebook apps. :-)

As most Facebook marketers know by now, Facebook recently announced changes to their promotion guidelines. According to their August 27, 2013 update, promotions and contests can now … Continue Reading ››

Learn how a local tour company captured customers on the go

A Different Gear - How They Did It

Hungry Town Bike Tours eliminated vacation frustration with user-friendly mobile website. Their Success with their new mobile website:
  • Receiving two-thirds of website visits from mobile phones
  • Averaging a customer visit to the business every day via Mobile Maps
  • Taking reservations from mobile site every day
David Cartier needed an easy way for vacationers to make tour reservations with his business. "We needed something simple that worked … Continue Reading ››

How To Capture Every Sale & Start Engaging Leads On Your Website

I've been using this live chat solution, Zopim, on my website to chat with prospects, members and customers. It's really easy to setup and my visitors absolutely love it. I've seen quite a few sites using them for customer service as well, so I thought it'd be interesting for you to check out as a value adding service for your business. You can sign up for their free trial here, enjoy! (BTW, for the size of our business, I only needed a free account, but the free trial lets you see what the best account is like) ;-)

About Zopim

Zopim … Continue Reading ››

Why smart phones can change your life…(NEW BUSINESS)

Right here right now we're smack bang in the middle of one of the BIGGEST opportunities for making online profits... ...and living the real internet lifestyle faster than ever before. To discover exactly what I'm talking about here, you need to be on the following free LIVE training. This webinar will be taking place on Tuesday, March 13th 6pm EST... ...and on the call you'll discover the BRAND NEW business model that top UK internet marketer Lee McIntyre has set up from scratch in the "offline" niche. (...HINT: It's a weird business model involving mobile devices). And the best … Continue Reading ››