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BuzzBundle: A Second-To-None Social Media Management Platform

In this day and age, social media provides benefits to practically any kind of business. No matter what your business is about, having a well thought out strategy of tactics to use in your SMM campaign will get you where you want to be quicker and easier. Not to mention these benefits:
  • Raise the awareness of your product and brand on the Web.
  • Improve customer engagement.
  • Increase your site conversion rate and boost your profits.
BuzzBundle is a top-notch SMM platform that takes your social media management to the next level. This high-end SMM application helps you easily manage a massive amount of social media accounts, … Continue Reading ››

How To Drive Organic Posts Back To Your Website

Recently I came across a nifty service that has a powerful back end for marketers that I thought worthwhile sharing with you. It's called Sniply, and while it is similar to some of the old fashioned link cloakers, it goes above and beyond the norm by allowing you to brand the Sniply bar or form and point web browsers back to your website. This is an exciting program that I'm loving, and I'll explain exactly why below. What is Sniply? Sniply drives organic traffic to your website by allowing you to embed messages into every page you share. It’s … Continue Reading ››

Does Colour Psychology Affect Your Marketing?

Take a moment to think about the world’s most established brands and ask yourself what they all have in common. If you answered “a great brand identity” or “an iconic company logo,” the good news is you’re half right.

What makes a brand immediately recognizable in today’s age is color – and it can say a lot about company, according to this psychology of color infographic. Additionally, it affects the way potential customers react to marketing materials and whether or not they connect with the message.

Scroll down to discover more about the psychology of colour and … Continue Reading ››

5 Awesome Timeline Promotion Ideas

Improve your Facebook marketing with these cool tactics!
Improve your Facebook marketing with these cool tactics!
Have you hosted a Timeline promotion yet? If not, this post will help you get inspired to run one soon! The information comes from ShortStack, my absolute favourite Facebook app company who I use for all my client's Facebook apps. :-)

As most Facebook marketers know by now, Facebook recently announced changes to their promotion guidelines. According to their August 27, 2013 update, promotions and contests can now … Continue Reading ››

USA Today Encourages Small Businesses To Go Mobile

Last week, USA Today ran a story about “mobile marketing” for small businesses. It encouraged small business owners to begin pursuing smartphone-based marketing solutions that will direct people to their storefronts and websites. The suggestions offered by USA Today also provide insight for mobile app developers. USA Today reporter Rhonda Abrams encourages small businesses owners to “get found;” in other words, make sure potential customers can find you. Mobile app developers should be thinking about ways to help small businesses expedite the process of registering their businesses on sites like Yelp and Foursquare. Other, business-related, … Continue Reading ››

Why Small Businesses Should Get Into Facebook Ads

Click here to watch the free Facebook training webinarSo you've set up your small business's Facebook Page. You've even optimized it for search engines. The "likes" are just pouring in. What's next? If you haven't already, you might try taking Facebook's social advertising offerings for a spin. The ability to target ads to people based on very specific criteria, and cap your ad spend at a daily amount of your choosing makes for a very cost-effective way to reach consumers -- especially for smaller operations. Facebook is poised to become the … Continue Reading ››

LinkedIn Lets Companies Post Status Updates [VIDEO]


For some time now, LinkedIn has made it possible for users to follow companies, but last Thursday the professional networking service started allowing the more than two million businesses with company pages to post status updates to their followers. This is a powerful feature because Company Status Updates will enable company page admins to post updates, up to 500 characters max, to the “Overview” tab of their pages. “This is a great way to build engagement with customers, potential employees and prospects alike,” says Ryan Roslansky, director … Continue Reading ››

QR Codes Help Conference Organisers & Delegates To Interact

As an event coordinator in the past - a job that I truly loved doing - I know first hand how much time can be spent organising and sorting the delegate list, name tags and the like. Don't get me wrong... it was a task I always enjoyed, but nevertheless it could certainly be timely and rather tedious. First I would design the name tag, then create a template, then change the name for each attendee. Alternatively, I could create a mail merge list in MS Word and use Avery labels to merge the list into printable name tags. Then of … Continue Reading ››