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5 Awesome Timeline Promotion Ideas

Improve your Facebook marketing with these cool tactics!
Improve your Facebook marketing with these cool tactics!
Have you hosted a Timeline promotion yet? If not, this post will help you get inspired to run one soon! The information comes from ShortStack, my absolute favourite Facebook app company who I use for all my client's Facebook apps. :-)

As most Facebook marketers know by now, Facebook recently announced changes to their promotion guidelines. According to their August 27, 2013 update, promotions and contests can now … Continue Reading ››

How To Capture Every Sale & Start Engaging Leads On Your Website

I've been using this live chat solution, Zopim, on my website to chat with prospects, members and customers. It's really easy to setup and my visitors absolutely love it. I've seen quite a few sites using them for customer service as well, so I thought it'd be interesting for you to check out as a value adding service for your business. You can sign up for their free trial here, enjoy! (BTW, for the size of our business, I only needed a free account, but the free trial lets you see what the best account is like) ;-)

About Zopim

Zopim … Continue Reading ››