Why Should You Promote Your Business Via Mobile Phone Adverts?

Did you know that research shows mobile campaigns outperform online campaigns across key metrics? While your prospects browse the Internet on their mobile phone, they're viewing relevant ads to the site they're viewing. As a business owner, you need to know that mobile ads are an excellent low cost alternative to customer acquisition with measurable return on investment.

There are several ways to advertise your business effectively with custom banner and text ads through mobile advertising platforms that can bring you great benefits.

bullet Click to landing page sends prospects direct to your mobile website, special offer, .
bullet Click to call can send prospects directly to your business via mobile phone call.
bullet Click to opt-in sends prospects to an opt-in form to build a customer list and automatically follow-up with a series of pre-written emails.
bullet Click to buy makes it easy to increase product and service sales online.
bullet Click to app store helps app developers to increase the discoverability of their app and increase its ranking in the App Store.
bullet Click to map is the perfect solution for those with several stores that can provide customers with directions to their nearest store.
bullet Click to download is a great solution for increasing downloads of flyers, software, wallpaper, and ring tones etc.
bullet Click to video works very well to promote music, TV or movies in the iTunes Store, streaming or download video, and books through iTunes or Kindle.

Interactive Video Ads on iPhone

bullet Click to play interactive video ads lead users who click on banner ads to an interactive video experience. See an example here.
bullet Click to auto-play interactive video ads engage with captivated audiences during the app loading process, similar to a video interstitial. See an example here.

Interactive Action Buttons

Advertisers can include customizable action buttons that launch more videos or open web content without leaving the video player. Also, advertisers can select action buttons that link to the app store or iTunes store to drive downloads of branded content. Other action buttons allow users to share video content with their friends or connect to social networking sites within the video player, making it easy for advertisers to add a social media element to their campaigns.

Here is a real example from the Ubisoft Assassin's Creed campaign. Ubsioft included action buttons opening their mobile site, the Assassin's Creed page on amazon.com, and the app store where users could install the Assassin's Creed iPhone app.

Assassins Creed Interactive Video Ad Unit and campaign links: Mobile Site, Amazon, and the App Store

Imagine having your own interactive video promoting your business online. You could have a short intro video, or an explanation of how to use one of your products. The video could include links to your mobile website, your order page, your product download page, FaceBook page, and much more. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Interested in having a low cost video made to promote your business? Contact me here.

Mobile Advert Campaigns

Impressed with the huge potential that mobile advertising can bring to make a dramatic impact on your business? You should be! ;-)
Mobile advertising is one positive step that you should try out at least once to see how easy it is to increase your customer base. And I know how busy you are running your business... Therefore I'm offering to look after every aspect of your campaign for you. That includes formulating the campaign, designing the 5 different sized banners required for all platforms, getting your approval, setting up the campaign, monitoring the results and reporting the results to you on completion.

I use two well established and highly respected mobile advertising platforms to manage my client's mobile advertising, depending on their requirements.

The first is WOMVegas (Word Of Mouth Advertising), whose system allows you to have an SMS message opt-in form added to your website so your customers and website visitors can opt-into your mobile list. Then you can send your advertisements to mobiles and other devices for just 4c per message clicked. OR you can send your mobile message to targeted opt-in prospects to view your offer via push notifications! If you're currently using email advertising, then you'll be happy to know that push notifications enjoy a 97% open rate compared to just 4% with email!

You can send your message to a good range of categories:

bullet Send to People in a Geographical Area
bullet Send to People by their Income Range
bullet Send to People by their Age
bullet Send to People by their Interests
bullet Send to People by Zip Code or Postal Code
bullet Send to Your Personal Lists
bullet Send to Everyone

You also have the freedom to choose your targeted audience by interest and geographical area. The count of people available on mobile devices or for quick delivery are listed next to the interest.

Interest Member
Apparel & Accessories 475
Automotive 421
Business Opportunity 1007
Communications 451
Drugs & Remedies 348
Entertainment 518
Financial & Insurance 325
Food & Food Products 526
Home Furnishings 373
Hotels & Resorts 443
Local Services 527
Media & Advertising 578
Personal Care Products 434
Public Transportation 290
Real Estate 369
Restaurants 535
Retail & Shopping 1105
Service Companies 371
Technology 597
Work From Home 882

With WOMVegas mobile advertising, you have an allowance for a 26 character headline plus up to 10 paragraphs of 250 characters of text! Pay from 10c per message clicked. Minimum purchase of only $1.00. No monthly fees or setup fees. This is a most cost-effective solution for businesses on a budget. Pay as little as $7 for 1000 mobile phone ads. Click here to see the latest WOM Mobile Deals and to setup your mobile campaign quickly and easily today.

The second company is AdMob who provide a good range of demographic targeting and campaign options available for advertisers including country, state, gender and age. You can even monetize your own mobile website and earn revenue from your traffic with their advertising by becoming a free publisher if you wish!

Mobile search ads on Google drive customer acquisition, conversion and leads to your business. There are 9 types to choose from, which you can see examples of in the header of this page.

Contact Me About Starting An AdMob Mobile Advertising Campaign Today & I'll Include A Custom 120x200 Banner Ad For Your Campaign! (Value $50)

You can have your new mobile ad campaign formulated and up and running in next to no time from as little as AUD$95 with visitors costing an extra 3c to 20c per click (depending on the options you choose). That price includes banner design and monitoring/reporting of your campaign statistics. The minimum start price of the AdMob campaign is $50, which can be topped up at any time you choose.

Once we have discussed the necessary requirements, I will be able to quote a complete price for your type of campaign, and let you know in advance how many click-thrus to your desired destination you can expect to receive. Payments are accepted via PayPal or direct deposit via EFT. Simply let me know your preference at the time, and I'll send you a tax invoice for payment.

Now there's just one step left for you to take. Click the image below and contact me with your details, and I will get back to you with a brief questionnaire so I can quote you as soon as possible.