Why Should Your Business Have A Mobile Website?

If I had mentioned twelve months ago that the majority of your customers would carry a personal hand-held computer, you would probably have laughed at me. But, within the next five months the majority of your consumers will be doing just that. They may still call it a phone, but the new generation of smart phones are in fact more like computers than telephones.

Retailers need to understand they do not control their destiny... That is controlled by the consumer. As retailers, we need to get into the same “head space” as consumers, and they are changing their habits rapidly.

If you don't have a mobile web presence yet, then there's never been a better time to do so while we're of the brink of a new shopping revolution.

To back that up, here are 10 very good reasons why you should ensure your business has exposure via mobile devices so you can connect with your customers:

bullet What are the 3 main things people take with them when they leave home each day? Their keys, their wallet, and their mobile phone!
bullet There are more than 5 billion mobile phones owned around the world, and Androids are selling at the rate of 300k/day!
bullet Small to medium-sized enterprises are increasingly using e-commerce because of the low overheads and initial outlay of capital, leading to a fast return on investment. Really there is very little competition, because not all businesses have a mobile-optimised website yet... Shouldn't you be the first in your block?
bullet A mobile business website puts you directly in front of your customers quickly and easily, with little to no effort -- whether they're existing customers or brand new ones. How cool is that?
bullet Consumers understand how valuable phones are & they know how to use them. It doesn't matter how old or how young they are... Just take a look around any train, shopping centre or restaurant!
bullet Today Australia has one of the highest rates of mobile phone ownership in the world with state-of-the-art network coverage available to more than 98% of the population. An estimated 94% of Australians own a mobile phone, and it's their most treasured gadget. Whenever they lose their phone, they can have it replaced the very same day. (And you can bet they will because many can't live without it!)
bullet A growing number of Australians are visiting websites via their mobile phone on a daily basis AND making purchases over the Internet. Smart phone users will want to pay for items using their phone and expect you to be geared up to deal with cashless transactions. Are you going to knock that business back?
bullet Now you can let customers access your mobile website, Facebook or Twitter accounts directly from their mobile phone simply by using the power of QR codes.
bullet The customer now expects that you will be communicating via Twitter and Facebook, as well as providing technical information for them on YouTube. They are ready for the virtual retailer, but they still want you to be local because they still want to come into the store for a genuine experience. It's smart to offer more shopping options to your customers.
bullet Once your website is visited on a mobile phone, the customer will be able to access your site again very easily from bookmarks and browsing history, and they can share your site with their friends at the tap of a button.

Mobile Website Design

Now that you better understand the importance and relevance of having a mobile website for your business, let's get down to the nuts and bolts of getting 'mobile-optimised'.
Mobile website don't need to be long winded and detailed like a regular website. In fact, less is definitely more! All we need to include is the main points about your business, like who you are, what you offer, and how your customer can buy from you. You can always include a brief about us page, and a contact page is also recommended. Of course, if your business is more specialised like a real estate for example, you can include property listings, or a restaurant can include menus etc.

The beauty of mobile websites is that you can include all kinds of goodies like direct links to YouTube videos, Click to Call, Tall-A-Friend, Add to Phonebook, and Driving Instruction buttons, Google Maps, hit counters and statistics, images, feedback forms, audio clips and so much more. You'll be surprised just how versatile your new mobile-optimised website will be for the end-user.

But not only that... You can also advertise via mobile ad networks on mobile phones and direct targeted customers to your mobile website!

Order A Mobile Website Today & I'll Include A Custom QR Code Pointing To Your Website Absolutely Free! (Value $50)

You can have your new mobile website designed and up and running in next to no time for as little as AUD$100 (excl. GST). This is a one-time fee for up to 6 pages and there is no webhosting fees involved. It works with a simple redirect from your existing website when someone goes to view your site from a mobile smart phone. Ongoing maintenance packages are also available, depending on your requirements, and will be quoted on a per job basis or a per hour basis for long-term work. Payments are accepted via PayPal or direct deposit via EFT. Simply let me know your preference and I'll send you a tax invoice for payment.

Following are some of the mobile websites that I have created for local businesses. Please visit the site on a mobile device to see them live.